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TPU, Thermoplastic Polyurethane, is a state-of-the-art noble material which, as a result of its durability and flexibility, represents a significant high-technology evolution in the footwear industry. Thanks to this combination of outstanding features, TPU is beating its competitors.

Thanks to its excellent performance, TPU is a booming and is in demand by best top footwear brands with whom we currently work. Amongst other advantages, our products provide:

  • Excellent abrasion, erosion, oxygen, and ozone resistance
  • High tear resistance
  • Remarkable shock absorbing capacity
  • Excellent mechanical properties, combined with a rubber-like elasticity
  • Outstanding elasticity at low temperatures
  • Excellent elastic recovery
  • Non-slip
  • Good oil and grease resistance. Resistant to solvents and fungus attack
  • Countless design and customisation possibilities, and wide range of colours
  • Optimal adhesion without previous treatment, which speeds up and lowers costs in the production process
  • Recyclable